I found Kesari’s „Meditation for Beginners“ workshop extraordinary. Having travelled extensively to collect her experience, Kesari gave me the feeling that I had travelled around the world by the time the workshop was finished. The authenticity with which she teaches, making evident her own highly sensitive and developed grasp of the material she presents, is absolutely captivating. I highly recommend her work.

Jaime Quoll

English Trainer & Graphic Designer

Two days of workshop with Kesari were like four weeks of vacation for me. I feel so good again.


Dance teacher

I am not a person who relaxes easily or has ever been interested in meditation. Due to prolonged chronic pain, I was advised by my doctors to learn meditation. With skepticism and no conviction of my own, I enrolled in Kesari's Learn to Meditate I.


The explanations were simple, I could follow everything, the exercises were surprisingly good and even during the course I felt progress in relieving my stabbing pain myself. This course was the first ray of hope for me in a long time. I can only thank you very much and highly recommend it to anyone who is even a little bit willing to open up to meditation.


General Manager

Already after the first day "learning to meditate" I went home completely relaxed. Like after 4 weeks of vacation. I don't know when the last time I was so relaxed.



Kesari has the talent to explain complex relationships simply and clearly: the translation of the spiritual world into an understandable language. It is great fun to have her as a teacher.



You led the workshop very beautifully - which is mainly due to your luminous, fulfilled, gentle and also undogmatic way. My heart went out to you.



So gently carried by your voice and being. Very quiet, pleasant calm, loving and incredibly friendly and appreciative.

And the place in Moorenweis is simply an oasis.


Social Pedagogue

Your teaching style touched me. So loving.



Kesari is a very mindful and loving leader with wonderful charisma.



Kesari is a wonderful teacher who is able to convey the knowledge beautifully with calmness and clarity.


Jewelry designer

I am incredibly surprised by the great ambience. It helps to concentrate completely on something else. After the workshop "Learning to meditate" I attended the seminar series "Liberation from stress and emotions". Already after the first day of the course I was told at work that I was more relaxed. When the 4th course day was over, I was immediately sad. I would have liked to continue.

Thank you very much!



Dear Kesari, your empathetic and open manner is balm for the soul.

I was once again confirmed to be on the right path.


Since I went into the workshop "Learning to Meditate" without any expectations, I was totally pleased and surprised how well the workshop did me and how "easily" I could implement the exercises. I was rather skeptical whether the topic would grab me and was even more surprised how much I could accept all the ideas and incentives. I left the workshop light as a feather and felt really fresh and refreshed. The workshop definitely made me want to do more. Thank you!


Employee marketing

The course "Learn to meditate" was very, very good! Very pleasant atmosphere!

You radiate such a calm, it's good!


Sports teacher

It was just more than super nice! Kesari conveys the subject just wonderfully understandable. Everything is so much clearer to me. Thank you very much!

(Course: Basic knowledge and basics of mantra science)


Ayurvedic massage therapist

I found the workshop very clear, very sensitive, competent and very sympathetically led. I take a lot with me and come again. In addition, very great food and atmosphere!

Many, many thanks!

Shirin S.

Kesari introduced us beginners to the technique of meditation professionally and with great feeling. Her balance between knowledge transfer and practical exercises appealed to me very much. And not to forget her humor and hospitality.


Change Management Consultant

Just returned home from a 7-day retreat at Grüner See in Styria,

I would like to thank Kesari very much:

For the depth of her knowledge and the patience and accuracy with which she answered our questions or introduced us to a topic or meditation.

For her open, accessible manner and the stillness and presence with which she accompanies all processes. It was easy for me to enter the land of silence and truth under her guidance. And it was easy for me to show myself with everything that is there and to find out about myself. For the choice of the seminar location, which with its many beautiful places in the middle of nature served the content of the seminar theme of earth healing in the best way, and her organizational skills.

What remains is a round, warm feeling in relation to everything unresolved that I went there with and the anticipation of continuing at home.



Perfect ambience in Moorenweis.

Kesari is very warm and experienced and is responsive to all participants in depth.



Your energy radiates over one. Everything was perfect, great content, explanations, great food - a feel-good package. I have taken a lot with me this weekend and am looking forward to trying out the solar healing techniques.


Totally great meditation teacher. Very pleasant voice. Delicious food. Mega beautiful place.


Kesari, thank you for your super relaxed way and the tips you give us. I am highly motivated to integrate everything into my everyday life. The day was very exciting and the food was very fine. Thank you for that!


Nurse Anesthetist

The course "Learning to Meditate" has opened up new possibilities for me. I had completely diffuse ideas about meditation. It was a very good introduction and guidance!



Dear Kesari, I would like to thank you for the beautiful course yesterday - for the first time I felt and understood what the word "enlightenment" can mean (even if the moment or the momentum was tiny, but for me it was huge).I want to continue on this path - thank you for showing me the way. Cordially,


I am glad I invested in this day. It inspired me to "try" meditating. THANK YOU!


HR Manager

I found the beginners workshop very enjoyable, learned a lot and will certainly continue.


Nursing Management

On Kesari's courses I had new revelations.

It has addictive potential 🙂



I participated in the course "Learning to meditate - the ancient art of meditation" with Kesari Reber at the fair "Yoga-World" in Munich. Very interesting and maybe this is the way I can access the spiritual side of yoga. After all, yoga and meditation belong firmly together.


Blogger and project assistant

Kesari likes to compare learning to meditate with learning to ski. In the meantime, I can absolutely agree with that. One is always learning something new. Kesari always has helpful answers and tips on how to get further into stillness. An absolutely fascinating journey! It is fun to have such a good teacher who has so much experience and knows the answer to every question.

Michael S.


Dear Kesari,

I wanted to thank you again for this wonderful meditation class yesterday.

Yesterday evening I researched again about your master and his book. I noticed that I have already read the book "The Valley of the Immortal Masters" earlier this year. I loved that book. It still resonates with me. It was the most important event for me in the last few years. It is one of the reasons why I am searching so hard for a way to further my spiritual development. Of course, I never thought I would be able to connect to this high goal and get in touch with it in any way. I was just looking for a way to find myself again through the mantra technique I knew and which had worked wonders for me years ago, and to advance my spiritual growth again. I have tried many meditation techniques over the last few years. Since yesterday I know that most of them were just relaxation methods. I stayed on the search. And found Aaravindha Himadra. But the goal was too high for me, too far away, unattainable, whereas it was clear to me that it was the only current, optimal possibility. I continued to search for what was appropriate, attainable. And so the meditation course yesterday with you. Now "The Valley of the Immortal Masters" has come to me.



I had not associated you (sorry), at all with my greatest and most important desire in my life. Only yesterday evening while investigating I realized what I encountered yesterday and what I came into contact with. My wish has come true in a way and a fullness that I did not expect. That is it. I have received what I was looking for. I will be able to walk this path with high intensity for the next few months. I am convinced, since it has come to me in this wonderful form, that it is the ideal thing for me, and that with it I will also achieve my goals. I am finally getting somewhere. A great door has been opened.

I would love to continue to stay in touch with you to refine my progress.

This unimpressive event as a meditation class yesterday will stay with me as one of the most important events in my life.

Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Many love greetings,



Computer scientist and publisher

Kesari can really convey the joy of meditating; the spark has jumped!



I received the beginner's course as a gift and wasn't quite sure if I should really be happy about it. But I had a lot of fun.

What amazed me was that I suddenly felt how tense my arms were. I had never noticed that before. My body awareness has improved a lot. Now, I consciously relax during everyday activities, and it does me a lot of good.

Although I don't meditate regularly yet, I do it from time to time. Thank you!



I'm not a fan of group courses, so I took private lessons with Mrs. Reber.

It was a weekend filled with deep experiences, attentive guidance, and very intense moments. I'm thrilled!



I keep buying books about meditation and yoga. I've been curious for a long time, but I haven't gained any practical experience yet. Yesterday was my 'first time' at your practice during the free trial evening. I felt comfortable as soon as I walked in, and it was easy for me to engage in the exercises. When I got home, I felt very calm and balanced.


Aspiring naturopath