| Individual Coaching on the Farm
| Date by arrangement
| Moorenweis, Bavaria

PRIVATE INSTRUCTION MEDITATION with Kesari Reber & FITNESS SESSIONS with Cycling Enthusiast Sebastian Ascher
Would you prefer to learn meditation through personalized one-on-one instruction rather than within a group setting? Do you find relaxation challenging and need the balance of physical activity to achieve a state of calmness and to be able to embrace relaxation?

Together with my partner Sebastian Ascher, an avid cycling enthusiast, we offer personalized courses: Relaxing meditation combined with invigorating cycling. All of this takes place in the picturesque rural surroundings near Lake Ammersee in Bavaria.

Multiple meditation sessions will be spread throughout the day. Learning to meditate theoretically and practically. We will discuss which meditation is most suitable for you. Collaborative practice, coaching on any personal topics that may arise – with meaningful breaks for resting, sleeping, or taking walks.

When you return home, you will have tools at your disposal that can help you better establish boundaries during stressful times, enabling you to quickly regain calmness and balance on your own.

Sebastian Ascher is a passionate cyclist. The Süddeutsche Zeitung has even reported on his adventurous tours: "I'm just quickly cycling to Lake Garda!" Starting from Munich - nonstop in one day - 380 km over the Brenner Pass to Lake Garda, or sometimes all the way to Venice.
More about it at:

Sebastian Ascher also successfully participated in the relay Iron Man in Roth in 2015 and 2016. On his well-visited website, he provides tips for great cycling tours:

But it won't be quite as wild with us: Relaxation, regeneration, and fun are the focus. Literally right outside our door, you can cycle for hours through open fields and meadows with a view of the mountains. The pace and duration will be individually tailored to you. As I mentioned, it's about enjoyment and relaxation!

And finally, here's an inspiring article about Sebastian Ascher to get to know him on a more personal level. His own journey from being a manager to a life of freedom:

I would be happy to create a customized program for you: for a few days, over a weekend, or for a short getaway. Please send inquiries to: