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| Meditation Retreat & Earth Healing
| 03-12 February 2021
| North Goa, India

HEALING SPACE: Inside and Outside


in North Goa, India


This meditation retreat will be an intense journey to yourself: Arrival. Silence. Healing. Resurfacing. With joy and inner lightness.


I will show you how to find the place of your inner silence. I will teach you ancient meditations and provide you with techniques to detect and release unnecessary inner burdens. Forever.


We start gently, get to know the group, meditate on the beach, let our souls dangle, and pamper ourselves. Then we intensify our sessions, allowing the silence within us to become perceptible and improving our access to self-love. As a highlight, you will be initiated into an ancient earth-healing technique throughout the entire period: The sacred Sambodha-Hu'Reyad. It used to be practiced only in monasteries or temples. These laws have changed because the Earth needs us. This meditation technique is simply tremendous. Animals often come closer and lose their shyness. They recognize you as a friend. Even the elements of nature respond. You feel how water resonates and responds or see how waves harmoniously smooth...

And by healing the elements outside, you bring the elements within you back into divine order.


You want to get out of your head and back into your heart?

Do you want to finally forgive and let go?

Feel the healing silence inside you again?

Feel how all the burdens of your soul dissolve?

Feel how light and free you are?

Then this retreat is for you.

For beginners and advanced practitioners.

Feel free to share this retreat with your friends and family.

For more details and registration, please visit: [official retreat website link]

Feel the call to deepen your meditation practice and experience profound inner and outer healing.

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Location: North Goa, India

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Note: Spaces are limited, make sure to reserve your spot as soon as registration opens!