Workshop 02.02.2020

I have been invited to hold a workshop at the beautiful yoga studio Samsara in Nuremberg:
Introduction to Solar Meditation - The Ancient Art of Meditation

A course for beginners who have no prior meditation experience, as well as for advanced practitioners who have been meditating for a while but haven't yet found the joy and effortlessness in meditation and would like to deepen their practice. This course is also suitable as preparation for intensive seminars.

Meditation is a method to better relax despite the busyness of daily life, leading to a more serene, balanced, and happier life. However, Solar Meditation offers much more than just relaxation and can extend far beyond an increase in well-being or mere stress reduction. With the right approach and a solid understanding of the basics, it can be life-changing and bring forth our potential. We discover our true selves step by step.
Emotions are not only assessed differently but can also dissolve. Similarly, unconscious patterns that often make our lives difficult can dissolve. We practice not only being more conscious in everyday life but becoming more conscious.

In this course, I would like to introduce participants to the topic of meditation in a way that meditation doesn't become a compulsory measure for stress reduction, but rather a seed is planted to realize how much fun, ease, and self-awareness can be hidden behind the abstract term "meditation." Exercises will be taught that can be easily integrated into daily life with minimal time commitment.

On the second day, the focus is on the experiences, progress, or challenges that arise during meditation. Solutions are sought for personal obstacles so that through effortlessness instead of striving, the path to stillness can be discovered.

This course takes place over two consecutive days: For those who have a long journey and would prefer to immerse themselves in the world of meditation for an entire weekend.

•  General information and background knowledge about meditation: What does meditation bring and why? Which techniques are meaningful and which are not?
•  What do doctors and scientists say?
•  What are the characteristics of Solar Meditation?
•  Learning and practicing Shamata - the fundamental posture in which we begin a meditation
•  Learning and practicing Apanasathi, a breath meditation
•  Lunch break
•  Learning and practicing Mantra Dhyana, a powerful mantra meditation that is practiced in stillness. It helps us to be clearer and more present in everyday life and return to the natural flow of life.

Samsara living and art
Jakobstraße 7
90402 Nuremberg

Duration:  10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (including lunch break)
Price: €99 - Early Bird until November 25, 2019, then €119
Studio Information:
Registration: or Tel.: 0911-24791220, Kristina Nicolaus