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  • Saturday, December 31, 2019
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In the Solar tradition, it has always been customary for the advanced meditations to be transmitted within a ceremonial context. As it is an honor for the teacher when the student decides to delve even deeper into the process of letting go of old patterns and shadows, these initiations are always free of charge.

In the past, these techniques were only transmitted to individuals who did not lead a worldly life but dedicated themselves entirely to their spiritual growth. However, times have changed, and one no longer needs to live in a monastery or temple to receive these techniques. Our planet is not in a good state, and the more people meditate and continue to evolve, the better it becomes. Therefore, the rules have changed, and one can be initiated into these techniques even while leading a normal life with a job, partner, children, and everything that comes with it.

The following prerequisites are necessary:
- You have participated in at least a 2-day meditation basic course with me
- You already practice the meditation learned in this course daily
- You are familiar with the fundamental principles of Shamata (calming the mind) and Nirodhyama (effortlessness) and have largely integrated them
- Ideally, you have already learned from me how to dissolve emotions that may arise through meditation
- You are willing to meditate daily for a minimum of 45 minutes starting immediately

The Initiations:
Surah Bhas Kriya: If you are already meditating with the mantra meditation from the 2-day basic course, you can be initiated into this very powerful, cleansing technique. It prepares you for the Pavana meditations and lasts 45 minutes daily. For this initiation, we will meet for an evening session of approximately 3 hours.

Adi Pavana: This meditation comes as the next stage after Surah Bhas Kriya (or the Trikanti Kriya). We will meet 3 times in succession. The initiation usually takes place on one evening for about 3 hours. This is followed by 2 more meetings on the following day and/or the two days after. This technique requires 60-80 minutes daily.

Please contact me if you would like to take the next step in an initiation. We can discuss all further details personally. I would like to talk with you to determine whether the next step is right and meaningful for you at the current moment. Sometimes, something else might be needed before. But feel free to get in touch, and we can take it from there.