| Day Workshop
| April 22, 2023
| Samsara Yoga Studio, Nuremberg

We dive together into the silent world of meditation. We learn a very ancient technique practiced in stillness. I never teach this profound and beautiful meditation online, only in person. It brings inner healing and strengthens our intuition.


But what exactly is "intuition"? How do I recognize whether my intuition is guiding me or just my mind? Can one even distinguish between them?

The answer is already revealed: Yes, it can be distinguished.

Intuitive decisions shouldn't just happen "by chance" from time to time.


On this day, we explore how to listen to our intuition and train it. Meditation is a fundamental key for this.


Our intuition ALWAYS shows us the path to fulfillment and ease, making our lives magical again. The more we practice, the more often we find ourselves in the right place at the right time and gradually enter the flow.

Because we don't need to toil and struggle to achieve something. Instead, we open ourselves up in pure lightness, allowing our lives to be carried by fun and beauty. Our intuition shows us the way. We just need to learn to trust it again.


For me, Samsara Yoga Studio is the most beautiful studio in Germany, and I am delighted to offer you this course:



Course for all levels: Practice and theory alternate.
Duration: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Price: 149.- €
Information & Booking:


Important: Health Requirements

Participation is at your own responsibility and is only possible if you are not taking psychotropic drugs, suffering from a mental illness, or have epilepsy.


Digital Detox

To fully benefit from the day and to go home as relaxed and rejuvenated as possible, I recommend practicing digital detox for a day. It's astonishing how often we automatically reach for our phones. This becomes apparent only when we engage in this experiment for a day. Additionally, our body functions such as heart rate become calmer when we minimize radiation.

Therefore, I recommend not bringing your mobile phone to the course at all. If that's not possible, I suggest turning off your phone completely during the course and only turning it on during breaks.

Of course, you can also participate without digital detox. It's a recommendation, but if you embrace it, you might be surprised by how a single day can feel like a short vacation.