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|  2-Day Seminar
May 27th and 28th, 2023
|  Moorenweis, Bavaria

How can we, as adults, reconnect with the small, wonder-filled child within us who used to be surprised by each new day? How can we invite magic back into our lives despite the demands of everyday routine, in order to feel fulfilled and alive? By strengthening our intuition and learning to distinguish between heart desires and ego desires, we can infuse our lives with magic once again. We consciously start manifesting. This seminar promises to be a lot of fun. Together, we'll open the doors to more abundance and flow in our lives by enhancing our intuition and learning to trust it!

Our intuition ALWAYS shows us the magical path to fulfillment and ease, the path that is not only best for us but also for the collective. We all play a role in this grand concert of life. By following our intuition, we contribute to the positive transformation of the world. We become vital, ACTIVE co-creators of a new and magnificent world. A world we genuinely want to live in and look forward to from the heart! As we collectively recall situations in which the most incredible things happened in our lives because we didn't do what was expected of us but followed our hearts, we once again allow magic to flow. We don't have to toil and struggle to achieve something. Instead, we open ourselves up with pure ease, so our lives can be carried by joy and beauty once more.

We bring to life the kind of existence that truly fulfills us!


Since we'll be meeting over 2 days, the group will have the opportunity to bond and learn from one another. A familiar and trusting atmosphere will naturally develop. After the sessions, we can apply and practice what we've learned in our lives. Feel free to exchange contact information and continue to support each other after the course, offering advice or even meeting up to help each other embrace a lighter, more intuitive, and more beautiful life.

Both days will include meditation sessions.


Only with advance registration:

Duration: Each day from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Cost: €369

Including lunch menu: Vegan, organic, lovingly prepared, and absolutely delicious.
After your binding registration, we will send you an invoice.
Sambodha discount for individuals in teacher training: €20

An overnight stay at our house is possible:
per person, including light dinner and breakfast:
Dormitory €75 / Double room starting from €99 / Single room starting from €109