| Exclusive Private Lessons
| Date by arrangement
| At the vacation destination of your choice

Learn to meditate at your chosen location: Private lessons couldn't be more individual.

Do you want to learn meditation or further deepen your acquired meditation knowledge?

However, you don't want to learn this at home, but rather in a beautiful sunny place, at your very own favorite spot in the mountains, amidst breathtaking natural scenery, in your vacation home, or in your relaxing favorite hotel? Do you know a place that radiates tranquility for you?

Do you want to travel alone or with your partner or friends?
You choose the location for your exclusive private lessons, and I will come along.
The lessons will be tailored to you, and you determine the timeframe.

Before departure, we'll discuss the content focus you want to set and clarify your concerns. There's no standard program here, only your wishes and individual needs.
Feel free to contact me for a non-binding offer.