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|  Introductory Meditation Session
|  February 09, 2020
|  Moorenweis, Bavaria

We meditate together, I guide you and lead you.
We practice Apanasathi, a breathing exercise.
And then an ancient and intensive meditation that cleanses our meridians: Vinyla Pranayam.

This technique can be practiced at home later with an exceptionally short amount of time.
It's the perfect way to establish a routine in your daily life and quickly notice the benefits.
Because with ease and joy, introducing a daily meditation practice becomes simpler.

If you have previously attended one of my courses, for example at the Yoga Expo Munich, you're welcome to come and continue practicing and deepening what you've learned. If you have never meditated in your life, that's also not a problem!

Time: 11:00 AM - 12:45 PM
Price: 22.-, payable on-site
Location: 82272 Moorenweis
Registration at: